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Thank you for purchasing the “Trading Basics” online course. Through out this course, we will cover the basics of trading stock and the TD Ameritrade platform known as Thinkorswim. These courses are updated and information is added over time. Once purchased you have lifetime access to all content in this course and all updates that come with it.

NOTE: this course is for beginners who know nothing about investing.

By the end of this course you should know:


Trading stock

  • What does stock trading mean (Terms and definitions)
  • How to buy and sell a stock
  • The different orders used to execute a trade
  • Difference between Long and short positions
  • Different Financial Instruments (Stock, Forex, & Options)
  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis



  • Full explanation of the platform
  • How to scan for stocks
  • My personal chart setup
  • Creating a Watchlist
  • What factors go into selecting a broker
  • The Difference between a Margin and a cash account


Gabriel Trading

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